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Before I share more on that, let’s take a look at the full set of SIXTY WordPress tutorial videos in the membership area :

Module 1 – Online Presence Basics

Video 1 – How To Register A Domain Name

Video 2 – How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider and Register The Web Hosting Account

Video 3 – How To Setup Name Server for Your Domains

Module 2 – Basic WordPress Tutorials

Video 1 – How To Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel

Video 2 – How To Install WordPress Manually Via FTP

Video 3 – How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog

Video 4 – How To Change Your Permalinks Structure

Video 5 – How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Video 6 – How To Create New Blog Posts

Video 7 – How To Create New Blog Pages

Video 8 – How To Insert Images

Video 9 – How To Install Plugins Automatically

Video 10 – How To Upgrade/Delete Plugins Automatically

Video 11 – How To Upload And Install Plugins Manually

Video 12 – How To Install Themes Automatically

Video 13 – How To Upload And Install Themes Manually

Video 14 – How To Customize Your Theme Menu

Video 15 – How To Use Widgets in The Sidebar

Video 16 – How To Use The Akismet Spam Plugin

Video 17 – How To Use Gravatars For Your Blog

Video 18 – How To Install And Use A Contact Form Plugin

Video 19 – How To Add And Manage Users

Video 20 – How To Install An Audio Player

Video 21 – How To Add And Edit New Links In Your Blogroll

Video 22 – How To Moderate And Manage Comments

Module 3 – Advanced WordPress Tutorials

Video 1 – How To Create Subdomains And Add-on Domains In cPanel

Video 2 – How To Upgrade WordPress Version Automatically Via The Dashboard

Video 3 – How To Customize Your 404 Error Page

Video 4 – How To Add/Delete Categories

Video 5 – How To Block Your Site From Search Engines

Video 6 – How To Change Your Login Password Through WordPress Admin

Video 7 – How To Change The Blog Title

Video 8 – How To Put A Custom Header In Your Blog

Video 9 – How To Delete Comments Inside Thrash Folder

Video 10 – How To Edit A Blog Post

Video 11 – How To Change The Number of Blog Posts That Is Shown On The Home Page

Video 12 – How To Create A Password Protected Or Private Post

Video 13 – How To Recover Your WordPress Password

Video 14 – How To Secure Your WordPress Blog

Video 15 – How To Schedule Blog Post For Future Date

Video 16 – How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Video 17 – How To Make A Post Sticky

Video 18 – How To Add Thumbnails To Your Posts

Video 19 – How To Install And Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin

Video 20 – How To Create Backups For Your WordPress Blog

Video 21 – How To Edit WordPress CSS Style

Video 22 – How To Create A Static Front Page

Video 23 – How To Add Feedburner To Your WordPress Blog

Video 24 – How To Import Content From Blogspot To wordPress

Video 25 – How To Transfer Content From One WordPress Blog To Another

Video 26 – How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Module 4 – Monetizing Your Blog

Video 1 – How To Place An AdSense Ad In Your Blog Post

Video 2 – How To Place A Banner In The Sidebar

Video 3 – How To Add YouTube Videos To WordPress Automatically

Video 4 – How To Manage Banner Ads

Video 5 – How To Add Text Link Ads

Module 5 – Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

Video 1 – How To Install And Use The All-In-One SEO Plugin

Video 2 – How To Create A Sitemap

Module 6 – Promoting Your Blog

Email Marketing

Video 1 – How To Setup The Aweber Autoresponder Account

Video 2 – How To Insert The Aweber Form In The Sidebar

Social Media Marketing

Video 3 – How To Add A Facebook LIKE Button In Your Post

Video 4 – How To Add A Google Plus Button In Your Post

Video 5 – How To Integrate TweetMeMe With Your Blog

Video 6 – How To Add A Digg Button In Your Post




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