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From : Fnu Ghaleib
Re. : Free WordPress Blog Installation

Dear Friend,

Having a blog is a wonderful thing. It can help you share your message with the world. More than that, it can also be a tool for making money online.

A good blog will get readers coming back over and over again. The chance is that your blog can be a tool in building a strong community of people and you can be trusted as the “go-to” person in your niche. From there, many magical things can start to happen. You can make money from your blog by selling advertising space or selling your own product/service as well as other people’s products.

In fact, getting a blog up and running is considered a daunting task by most people. The technical side has held people back from getting one and that’s why I’m here to help. You will get my free installation service as long as you get the recommended tools (domain and web hosting) from my links. Yes, my service is free because the companies you purchase the tools from compensate me :)

My name is Ghaleib and I have helped my friends build their blogs by using a platform called WordPress. If you ever wonder what WordPress is, please watch the video below..



Getting Started – Preparing The Tools

For your information, there are two versions of WordPress :

  1. Hosted :
  2. Self-hosted :

Here, we just focus on self-hosted WordPress, because :

  • You have the total control of your own blog.
  • You have many options for your themes (designs) and the plugins (functionality of your blog).
  • You can set up whatever kinds of ads and monetization you want.

The process of installing your self-hosted WordPress blog should not take more than 30 minutes.
But, you need two important things to do :

  1. Get the domain name.
  2. Get the web hosting.

Getting The Domain Name

Recommended tool : NameCheap

A domain name is your web address. For example, the domain name of this blog
I registered the domain name to the domain registration service called NameCheap and the
process of registering a domain name is straightforward.

  1. Go to :
  2. Pick your domain name
  3. Purchase the domain name

Getting The Web Hosting

Recommended tool : D9 Hosting

If the domain is your address, web hosting is your actual house on the web.

I use D9 Hosting for my web hosting because it has CPanel that makes setting things up a lot easier. Also, getting web hosting is a straightforward process.

The Steps :

  1. Go to : D9 Hosting
  2. Pick the package : Shared hosting is recommended for beginners.
  3. Purchase the service

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog – Installing Your Self-hosted WordPress Blog

After you have the basic elements (domain name and web hosting), you can start setting up your blog.

The steps :

  1. Get the information about your Name Server (NS) from your D9 Hosting.
    You can get the information from D9 hosting in your email.
  2. Go your NameCheap account and click your domain name.
  3. Transfer the DNS (Domain Name Server) to web server. click Save Changes.

Installing Your WordPress Blog.

The steps :

  1. Go to your CPanel :
  2. Put your username and password.
  3. Click WordPress icon and Fill out the form.
  4. Click Install WordPress.
  5. Go to your blog address :

Congratulations… you have finished setting up your WordPress blog.

You should have your blog up and running.

If you get stuck in getting your blog, please contact me by filling out the form below.

Thank you and have an awesome day!


Fnu Ghaleib

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