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Welcome to Ghaleib.com – a simple WordPress blog about Learning and Sharing The WordPress Knowledge and Skills For Online Business.

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Little Bit About Me and This Blog.

My name is Fnu Ghaleib. You can call me Ghaleib. And FNU stands for First Name Unknown (you didn’t know that before, did you?). I am originally from Indonesia where many people only have one name.

Right now, I still work with one of the Japanese restaurants in Illinois, USA as a Hibachi Chef. I enjoy working at the restaurant because I have met a lot of awesome, super nice people there.

I have been in Asian restaurant business for over ten years now. I used to be a table server and a bartender, but now I love being a hibachi chef.

I also love sharing what I have learned about WordPress, that’s why I’m building this blog.

This blog was designed to bring some valuable information about WordPress for non-techies (like me). Whether you want to build a website or a blog, WordPress is really the great tool for you to do so.


Product and Services

So far, I have only one product to offer : IM Learning WordPress. It is a membership site that teaches beginners about WordPress. I also have WordPress Blog Installation services (both free and paid).

For more information about my product and services, please contact me.

That’s all for now and you can contact me if you have any question about this blog.

Thank you and have an awesome day!


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