Stop Being A Broke Notary Public and Start Turning Your Dust-Collecting Notary Journal Into Profit

From : The desk of Fnu Ghaleib (Gary)
Subject :Your Potential Notary Public Service Profit

I was working at a retail store as a shipping-receiving associate when the idea of being a professional mobile notary public came to my mind. I worked long hours at the store, but I was still broke, lived in paycheck to paycheck. I was in debt up to my eyeballs. I could not pay bills and I did not have a place to live. Many times, I had to sleep in my car in the winter. I really did not know what to do.

One night, I was completely out of money. I checked my sorry-looking bag and I only found my notary public journal. I counted how many signatures I notarized that day and I found a lot of them. It took me a few minutes to notarize the signatures and all the money went to the store owner’s pocket.

You should realize that you will NEVER have any money when you work for someone else. You should work for yourself and take care of your own business.

If you are a notary public and you do not offer your service professionally, you are really missing out and you leave a lot of money on the table. It is your choice though if you still want to deal with difficult bosses, low pay, long hours, swing shifts, and other frustrations that come from working for someone else.

Then one day I found a book called “How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Notary Business” by Kristie Lorette and Mick Spillane. Suddenly, I loved the idea of making money by being a mobile notary public. I had no idea how to do it yet, but it sounded so exciting! So I decided to take the journey.

I loved the idea in Chapter 11 of that book – Developing an Online Presence. I went to the local library to use the internet connection to learn how to promote my service online. I built my own simple blog hoping people would call me for my notary public service. Nothing happened. At that time, I did not know how optimize my blog, so no wonder I had no traffic. I stayed up late at night to learn how optimize my blog filled with the hope getting phone calls for my notary public service.

Two months passed and people started calling me asking their documents notarized. It only takes me not more than 2 hours to make the same income I worked for the store for 8 hours.

It was actually pretty easy, unfortunately it took me 9 months to figure out how to promote the notary public service online. Once I finally figured out how to promote the notary public service online myself, I realized that I could help other notaries develop their online presence.

I spent a lot time and money to figure out how to promote my service online, so it is my sincere purpose to save yours, so grab the the book and contact me. I will gladly help you setup a WordPress blog for your notary public service.

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