Developing the online presence for your notary public service is very important and it is one the best marketing strategies. Every time I meet fellow notaries, I always ask them if they have developed their online presence yet. Some have and some haven’t. Some of them say that it is too complicated and too technical to build a website. And some of them don’t even bother. However, some of them came back to me and thanked me because they started to see many benefits by putting their services on the web.

It is right that everything seems complicated and technical when the first time you want to build a website for your service, but you will realize and get excited how beneficial it is. People start calling you and asking for your service. One call after another. The people find out your service from your website.

Actually, there are two ways to build a website –
1. Do-It-Yourself
2. Done-For-You

Do-It-Yourself Online Presence for Your Notary Public Service

I always recommend fellow notaries to set up their blogs for their online presence by using WordPress because WordPress is so simple to install.

There are three steps you need to prepare before setting up a WordPress blog –
1. A Domain Name
2. Web Hosting
3. Step-by-Step Videos

A Domain Name is the address of a website or a blog. For example, the domain name of this blog is I recommend you to register your domain name with NameCheap. It will cost you less than $15 per year (yes, per year). Click the image below to register your domain name.

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*

Web Hosting is where your website or blog sits, on a computer somewhere, when you put it on the internet. I recommend you to get the web hosting from HostGator. It will cost you less than $10 per month. Click the image below to purchase your web hosting service.

When you have registered your domain name and have purchased the web hosting service, please watch the Step-by-Step videos to install the WordPress. Let me give you the access to the free videos from The WordPress Classroom. Click the image below to access the classroom.

I believe you will find yourself amazed how simple it is to build a website to promote your notary public service by setting up a WordPress blog.

Please let me know what you think and leave a comment.

Your Notary Friend,

Fnu Ghaleib (Gary)
Notary Public in Inland Empire, California


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