Stay Dedicated to Yourself for Success

5 Ways to Stay Dedicated to Success To succeed in getting what you want, you must do your best at all times but let’s get real! Sometimes, staying dedicated becomes difficult. You need to realize that this is not a sign of defeat, on the contrary, feeling demotivated along the way whether because of sheer…

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Simply Hibachi

  I was working in a Chinese restaurant in a small town in Illinois as a table server when the idea of becoming a hibachi chef came to my mind. The biggest challenge at that time was I never got a chance to attend a format culinary school due to the long hour of work.…

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About Ghaleib

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Fnu Ghaleib. Just call me Ghaleib, because FNU stands for First Name Unknown. I’m originally from Indonesia where many people have only one name. I’m just regular guy enjoying the ride of this beautiful life. I’m still working at one of the Japanese restaurants in Michigan as…

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